With us, the world is within your reach!

MTB is a transport and forwarding company with experienced staff and many years of experience. We constantly cooperate with recognisable companies from all over Europe, our fleet is modern and our employees know what they are doing! We have won industry awards and we are confident in what we do.

We are good at what we have been doing for years!

We have been present on the market since 2005 and despite all the turbulence on the transport market, we are developing our forwarding capabilities. An important advantage of our offer is the possibility to unload goods on site. Our combination vehicles are equipped with mobile unloading trolleys, and our drivers have all the necessary licenses, thanks to which we shorten the overall delivery time and ensure the comfort of our customers.


  • 15
    years of experience
    in the transport industry
  • 100
    modern trucks
    in continuous operation
  • 297m+
    kilometres driven
    per year

We go beyond the standards of the transport industry. We organise our routes all over Europe and cooperate with companies from various industries and sectors on long and short routes.
Your goods remain in expert hands from the moment of loading to unloading!

Why us?

As any other market, the transport market is also experiencing ups and downs. A multitude of regulations, types of transport, permits, legal differences in the countries of delivery – all these matters are already under our control and we know how to deal with your goods in a professional manner.

Modern and always
ready fleet

Quick unloading at the
place of delivery

Awareness of the regulations
and a number of licenses

Trainings and development of our team

High qualifications of our staff is our point of honour. We conduct internal trainings in the field of regulations, their amendments, and operation of unloading systems.
Thanks to that, our employees are professionals and we are not afraid to entrust them with even the most difficult transports. This results in the possibility of cooperation with tycoons in various sectors of the economy and numerous awards, which we win almost every year.

Transport, forwarding is not only about kilometres and cubic capacity. It also means contact with the customer, a sense of security, flexibility and comfort of cooperation. All these features build quality at MTB Sulechów.

Meet us on the route!

We have always wanted to stand out and not just be a background for others. Our tractor units and semi-trailers stand out even on the road. You will spot our black combination vehicles with a distinctive logo throughout the entire Europe. Blow the horn twice and we will always answer with a smile!

Contact us

If you prefer professional transport services and do not want to risk delays, have unusual goods to transport, or you are just looking for a specific forwarder, do not hesitate. Contact our operators who will help, advise and offer the best conditions!


We live and work in accordance with the environment

A lot of things could be said about our fleet of vehicles. What is a significant feature of the majority of our road tractors is that they are equipped with engines that meet the highest environmental norms.

Moreover, we use safe tires, and our trucks are always clean. Thanks to that we can and we are not ashamed to drive on the cleanest roads of Europe.